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Review Score: 81%

Review consensus: The Starry Station is undoubtedly an attractive wireless router considering its elegant design and interface. Coupled with an easy installation and a handful of unique offerings, this Wi-Fi hub is truly a head-turner. That said, lower-than-expected performance and expensive pricing might scare people away.

List of Top Starry Station Reviews

Starry Station Review #1PC Mag70%
Starry Station Review #2TechRadar80%
Starry Station Review #3Digital Trends60%
Starry Station Review #4Tom's Guide70%
Starry Station Review #5Cnet60%
Starry Station Review #6Gadget Flow100%
Starry Station Amazon RatingAmazon72%
Starry Station Best Buy RatingBest Buy96%
Starry Station B&H Photo Video RatingB&H Photo Video100%
Starry Station eBay RatingeBay100%
Total Review Score:81%

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Will I Regret This Purchase?

Based on our review data, there’s a 19% chance that you’ll regret buying the Starry Station and an 81% chance of satisfaction without regret.

Device Description

The Starry Station, released in March 2016, is a WiFi router produced by Starry, Inc., a US-based tech company. It is the first WiFi router that flaunts a 3.8-inch ambient touchscreen, giving users an array of functionalities including internet health and speed checks, one-tap customer service call, WiFi conditions, and monitoring of connected devices. The Starry Station comes with a dual-band MIMO 802.11AC wireless connectivity, 1.5 GB of RAM, and 8 GB of flash storage. It operates with a dual-core processor and has two Gigabit Ethernet ports. It also has a companion app that offers another set of functionalities. Prices start at $349.99.


Here’s what the top reviewers on the web are saying about the Starry Station:

Review #1: “The Starry Station is a sleek dual-band router designed to give you an easy way to check network performance at a glance. It’s easy to install and delivers solid throughput performance, but it’s rather pricey and somewhat light on features.” – PC Mag

Review #2: “If you’re only remotely tech-savvy and want simpler, more reliable Wi-Fi with deeper controls for your myriad devices, Starry Station is well worth considering, but you might need outside help to make the best of it.” – TechRadar

Review #3: “General consumers looking for an attractive, easy to understand Wireless AC solution might want to consider the Starry Station, though its performance will make some think twice. Tech savvy customers who want to tweak their router will want to look elsewhere.” – Digital Trends

Review #4: “With a unique design and impressive touch screen, the Starry Station is a router like no other, though its inconsistent performance means it remains a work in progress.” – Tom’s Guide

Review #5: “The Starry Wi-Fi Station may be the most user-friendly router ever, but it otherwise doesn’t do any more than network hubs that cost half as much.” – Cnet

Review #6: “Working with cable, fiber, and DSL, Starry Station is a super convenient addition to any home and makes your internet usage a breeze.” – Gadget Flow

Amazon’s Customer Review Score: Amazon customers give the Starry Station 3.6 stars out of 256 reviews. Most of the people who gave this router a 1-star rating had issues with its performance.

Best Buy’s Customer Review Score: Best Buy customers give the Starry Station 4.8 stars out of 62 reviews. It has no 1-star rating, but customers were critical of its short coverage, steep price, and limited Ethernet ports.

B&H Photo Video’s Customer Review Score: B&H Photo Video customers give the Starry Station 5 stars out of 7 reviews. Customers do no have a bad thing to say about this router, rather they were impressed by its quick and easy installation.

eBay Customer Review Score: eBay customers give the Starry Station 5 stars out of 3 reviews. It has no 1-star rating, but customers thought that this router is more expensive compared to other routers.

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