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Review Score: 83%

Review consensus: With the impending release of iPhone X and the limited upgrade from iPhone 7, iPhone 8 appears to be struggling in the highly competitive smartphone market. This is despite iPhone 8’s promising wireless charging, augmented reality experience, lightning-fast performance, and sizable 64GB.

List of Top iPhone 8 Reviews

iPhone 8 Review #1Notebook Check91%
iPhone 8 Review #2Cnet86%
iPhone 8 Review #3Stuff.tv80%
iPhone 8 Review #4Wired80%
iPhone 8 Review #5Tom's Guide80%
iPhone 8 Review #6TechRadar80%
iPhone 8 Review #7Tech Advisor80%
iPhone 8 Review #8IGN80%
iPhone 8 Review #9Slash Gear80%
iPhone 8 Review #10T380%
iPhone 8 Best Buy ReviewBest Buy94%
iPhone 8 AT&T ReviewAT&T86%
iPhone 8 Verizon ReviewVerizon80%
Total Review Score:83%

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Will I Regret This Purchase?

Based on our review data, there’s a 17% chance that you’ll regret buying the iPhone 8 and an 83% chance of satisfaction without regret.

Device Description

The iPhone 8, released on September 22, 2017, is one of the latest offerings from Apple Inc. The 5.45″ iPhone 8 comes in 64/256 GB versions with 2 GB of RAM. It flaunts a refreshing glass design with a 4.7″ Retina HD display and 4K video recording. It runs iOS 11 and operates with Apple’s newest A11 bionic chip. It has 12MP and 7MP rear and front cameras, respectively. The iPhone 8 has a built-in 1,821 mAh lithium-ion battery and supports wireless charging. It is water and dust resistant and comes in gold, silver, and space gray. Prices start at $699.


Here’s what the top reviewers on the web are saying about the iPhone 8:

Review #1: “The iPhone 8 is powerful, lasts long, and it has a great camera. An upgrade from the iPhone 7 is not necessary, but the differences are more noticeable when you come from an iPhone 6S or an even older model.” – Notebook Check

Review #2: “The sensible, speedy iPhone 8 makes a nice upgrade to the iPhone 6S and earlier siblings, but we won’t know until November how it compares to the much pricier iPhone X.” – Cnet

Review #3: “You think you know what you’re getting, but the iPhone 8 offers quite a bit more. There’s no getting around its highish price and dated design though.” – Stuff.tv

Review #4: “The world is going camera-first, and this is a kick-ass camera. The glass design is a big improvement. Wireless charging makes everything better.” – Wired

Review #5: “The iPhone 8 is well worth it if you prefer a smaller phone, offering fantastic performance, a great camera and a growing number of exciting AR apps.” – Tom’s Guide

Review #6: “Don’t let the iPhone 8 name fool you – this is very much the iPhone 7S, an incremental upgrade on 2016’s 4.7-inch iPhone 7 with a few additions here and there, but nothing to really wow.” – TechRadar

Review #7: “There are some great things about the iPhone 8 including the addition of wireless charging, 64GB storage as standard and a fast A11 Bionic processor. However, this all comes at a higher price and everything else is largely the same so we can’t imagine or recommend iPhone 7 users upgrading. Those on an older device like an iPhone 6 or older will experience a much bigger change.” – Tech Advisor

Review #8: “A great, fast phone, but without the shiny newness that made the early models feel special.” – IGN

Review #9: “It’s a pity because the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are good devices. If you’re an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus owner I’m not sure there’s enough here to warrant an upgrade, especially since you’re getting iOS 11’s enhancements as a free download, but those with an iPhone 6s or earlier will see significant improvements.” – Slash Gear

Review #10: “The iPhone 8 is the perfect update to the iPhone 7. Battery life is better, as is the camera, and, unlike the iPhone 8 Plus, it’s significantly cheaper than the upcoming iPhone X. It’s difficult to get excited about, however.” – T3

Best Buy’s Review Score: Best Buy customers give the iPhone 8 4.7 stars out of 158 reviews. Most of the people who bought this phone had issues with its battery life and signal quality.

AT&T’s Review Score: AT&T customers give the iPhone 8 4.3 stars out of 83 reviews. Most of the people who gave this phone 1 star had issues with its display and quality.

Verizon’s Review Score: Verizon customers give the iPhone 8 4 stars out of 10 reviews. Most of the people who gave this phone 1 star were unsatisfied with the upgrade.

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