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Review Score: 82%

Review consensus: Microsoft’s Surface Book is utterly impressive with its futuristic design, unrivaled display, seamless tablet operation, segment-leading performance, solid battery life, and excellent stylus pen. Almost everything in this machine is right, except for the fact that it is astoundingly expensive.

List of Top Surface Book Reviews

Surface Book Review #1TechRadar90%
Surface Book Review #2Cnet82%
Surface Book Review #3Engadget89%
Surface Book Review #4Digital Trends70%
Surface Book Review #5Expert Reviews80%
Surface Book Review #6PC World80%
Surface Book Review #7PC Mag80%
Surface Book Review #8Laptop Mag80%
Surface Book Review #9Wired80%
Surface Book Review #10Alphr80%
Surface Book Amazon Review:Amazon78%
Surface Book Best Buy Review:Best Buy90%
Total Review Score:82%

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Will I Regret This Purchase?

Based on our review data, there’s an 18% chance that you’ll regret buying the Surface Book and an 82% chance of satisfaction without regret.

Device Description

The Surface Book is the first Microsoft Surface device marketed as a laptop that operates both as a laptop and a tablet. This was first released on October 26, 2015, and an upgraded version with Performance Base was released on November 10, 2016. This 13.5-inch machine with 3000×2000 high-res display comes in 128/256/512 GB and 1 TB versions with 8/16 GB of RAM, runs on Windows 10 Pro OS, and operates with Intel Core i5/i7. It has a 5 MP and an 8 MP front and rear camera, respectively; a detachable keyboard; and a Surface Pen. Battery life can last up to 12 hours of video playback. Prices start at $1,499.


Here’s what the top reviewers on the web are saying about the Surface Book:

Review #1: “While the Surface Book brings many technological innovations to the laptop space, its greatest strength is that it’s just an all-around terrific device.” – TechRadar

Review #2: “While it’s not nearly as refined as the new fourth-gen Surface Pro, Microsoft’s Surface Book is a powerful, feature-filled premium hybrid that doesn’t forget it’s a laptop first.” – Cnet

Review #3: “The refreshed Surface Book has very few flaws, with a well-crafted chassis, comfortable keyboard, vibrant screen, fast performance and even longer battery life than on last year’s model. As ever, you’ll pay dearly for the privilege of owning it, and the relatively heavy weight and imbalanced weight distribution make it less portable than lighter systems. What you accept in heft, though, you’ll make up for in both battery life and port selection.” – Engadget

Review #4: “The Surface Book is the laptop that can replace your tablet.” – Digital Trends

Review #5: “The Surface Book, while monstrously expensive, is still a wonderful Windows 10 machine with superb performance.” – Expert Reviews

Review #6: “Microsoft’s interpretation of a laptop offers incredible battery life and class-leading graphics performance.” – PC World

Review #7: “The new Microsoft Surface Book may only be a simple iteration of last year’s beloved tablet newcomer, but it packs some powerful upgrades and fantastic battery life, making the very good even better. It’s just a lot more expensive.” – PC Mag

Review #8: “Now offering even better performance and twice the graphics power, the Surface Book with Performance Base is the clear choice for demanding creative pros.” – Laptop Mag

Review #9: “Surface Book with Performance Base is certainly a laptop first—a damn good laptop first, with a great keyboard, superb performance, and a sharp display that gains more than you’d think from its aspect ratio.” – Wired

Review #10: “Microsoft works its design magic, but while it gets a lot right, the Surface Book is outlandishly expensive.” – Alphr

Amazon’s Review Score: Amazon customers give the Surface Book 3.9 stars out of 522 reviews. Most of the people who gave this tablet a 1-star rating had a encountered a series of manufacturing problems and had issues with Microsoft’s tech support.

Best Buy’s Review Score: Best Buy customers give the Surface Book 4.5 stars out of 1,056 reviews. Most of the people who gave this tablet a 1-star rating had issues with the quality of the product and the seller.

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