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Review Score: 83%

Review consensus: Despite falling short in the performance department, the Motorola Moto X Play remains to be a solid smartphone at an attractive price, considering its fantastic display, impressive camera, and long-lasting battery capacity.

List of Top Moto X Play Reviews

Moto X Play Review #1Expert Reviews100%
Moto X Play Review #2Android Authority85%
Moto X Play Review #3TechRadar80%
Moto X Play Review #4Trusted Reviews80%
Moto X Play Review #5Gadgets 36080%
Moto X Play Review #6Cnet80%
Moto X Play Review #7TechAdvisor80%
Moto X Play Review #8Android Pit80%
Moto X Play Review #9The Verge80%
Moto X Play Review #10Engadget79%
Moto X Play Amazon Review:Amazon84%
Moto X Play Best Buy Review:Best Buy90%
Total Review Score:83%

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Will I Regret This Purchase?

Based on our review data, there’s a 17% chance that you’ll regret buying the Moto X Play and an 83% chance of satisfaction without regret.

Device Description

The Moto X Play, released in August 2015, is an android smartphone that succeeded the second-generation Moto X. The 5.5″ phone comes in 16 GB and 32 GB versions with 2 GB of RAM and runs Android Lollipop. It has a 21 MP main camera and a non-removable 3630 mAh battery. Prices start at $244.99.


Here’s what the top reviewers on the web are saying about the Moto X Play:

Review #1: “With its excellent screen, camera and battery life, the Moto X Play is a great value handset in its own right and punches well above its weight.” – Expert Reviews

Review #2: “The Moto X Play is a solid smartphone at a cheap price. The camera is great, the screen is crisp, and Motorola’s added software features provide just the right amount of functionality without getting in the way. If you can get past the poor speaker quality and lack of included Turbo Charger, you might want to consider picking up a Moto X Play for yourself.” – Android Authority

Review #3: “The Moto X Play does a lot right with an impressive camera, superb battery life and attractive price, but there’s a frustrating number of missing features and options.” – TechRadar

Review #4: “With a fantastic display, detailed camera and a battery that can last all day, the Moto X Play continues Motorola’s impressive run of smartphones.” – Trusted Reviews

Review #5: “The Moto X Play is a solid if unspectacular performer, with no real feature that stands out. It has a massive battery and an improved camera, both of which perform adequately in the real world, but not significantly better than its peers to make the Play an undisputed pick in its price bracket.” – Gadgets 360

Review #6: “The Moto X Play’s blend of everything you’d expect from a higher-end smartphone with a customisable waterproof design and a great price makes it a superb midrange phone.” – Cnet

Review #7: “Overall, the Moto X Play is a decent mid-range phone. But, it’s not the great upgrade which Moto X owners were looking for. The camera is good, as is the screen, but performance could be better – as could battery life.” – TechAdvisor

Review #8: “The Moto X Play is a solid, affordable choice for anyone who wants above average battery life and camera performance for a mid-range price. The phone itself is mid-range in terms of specs, but Motorola had to make some compromises to keep the price low.” – Android Pit

Review #9: “Motorola has focused on marketing its new camera and the fun of customizing your own X Play via Moto Maker, but the thing that really makes this handset stand out is its big battery.” – The Verge

Review #10: “The Moto X Play seems built for one thing. It can’t compete with other devices on specs, but it will last you two days on a single charge.If you prioritize battery life over everything, it’s definitely worth considering.” – Engadget

Amazon’s Review Score: Amazon gives the Moto X Play 4.2 stars out of 17 customer reviews. Most of the people who gave this phone a 1-star rating had issues the phone’s USB connectivity and the seller.

Best Buy’s Review Score: Best Buy gives the Moto X Play 4.5 stars out of 789 customer reviews. Most of the people who gave this phone a 1- and 2-star ratings had issues with the phone’s screen and performance after using it for a couple of months.

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