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Review Score: 68%

Review consensus: The Lumia 950 has a sharp screen, a superb camera, and some nice Windows 10 features, particularly Continuum. However, with an unstable operating system, a sluggish performance, and a huge app deficit compared to iPhone and Android, the Lumia 950 may not be as competitive as a flagship phone should be and appears expensive for what it’s worth.

List of Top Lumia 950 Reviews

Lumia 950 Review #1TechRadar70%
Lumia 950 Review #2Cnet70%
Lumia 950 Review #3Alphr60%
Lumia 950 Review #4The Verge65%
Lumia 950 Review #5Pocket-lint60%
Lumia 950 Review #6TechAdvisor70%
Lumia 950 Review #7Engadget68%
Lumia 950 Review #8Trusted Reviews60%
Lumia 950 Review #9TechSpot74%
Lumia 950 Review #10Know Your Mobile70%
Lumia 950 Amazon Review:Amazon82%
Lumia 950 Microsoft Review:Microsoft74%
Total Review Score:68%

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Will I Regret This Purchase?

Based on our review data, there’s a 32% chance that you’ll regret buying the Lumia 950 and a 68% chance of satisfaction without regret.

Device Description

The Lumia is the 2015 flagship smartphone developed by Microsoft that was released in the United States on November 17, 2015. The 5.2″ phone comes in 32 GB version with 3 GB of RAM, and among the first phones to run Windows 10. It has a 20 MP main camera and a non-removable Li-Ion 3000 mAh battery. Prices start at $399.


Here’s what the top reviewers on the web are saying about the Lumia 950:

Review #1: “The Lumia 950 proves that there’s a lot going for Windows 10 Mobile, though also a lot of work to be done. Its best trick is that it blows up to desktop-like proportions with Continuum, but it sorely needs apps. Dedicated Microsoft fans and willing beta testers need apply.” – TechRadar

Review #2: “The Lumia 950 is a mostly average smartphone, giving iPhone and Android users no reason to switch, and offering little appeal outside Windows phone diehards.” – Cnet

Review #3: “The Lumia 950 will be a mere passing curiosity, a handset that looks interesting but ultimately one that misses the mark in too many ways.” – Alphr

Review #4: “If you’ve been holding out hope that Microsoft’s new phone would cast away the shackles that held back its earlier phones, you’re going to be disappointed by the Lumia 950.” – The Verge

Review #5: “There’s a good display on this phone, paired with hardware that offers plenty of power and a camera experience that’s competitive.” – Pocket-lint

Review #6: “The Lumia 950 itself offers some decent hardware, namely the screen, inside an uninspiring design. Unless you’re set on the OS, there is a lot better on the market and for less money.” – TechAdvisor

Review #7: “Ultimately, we’re left with a phone that doesn’t feel as expensive as it is, running software that still needs some polish and stronger app support.” – Engadget

Review #8: “Great camera aside, the Lumia 950 is a dull phone that doesn’t do Windows 10 Mobile any favors.” – Trusted Reviews

Review #9: “The Lumia 950 smartphone shows how Microsoft can integrate the mobile and desktop experience, but it also shows how the company is way behind iOS and Android in third-party support.” – TechSpot

Review #10: “The Lumia 950 has a superb camera and Windows 10 Continuum is a revelation, but it’s crippled by sluggish performance and a mediocre battery.” – Know Your Mobile

Amazon’s Review Score: Amazon gives the Lumia 950 4.1 stars out of 46 customer reviews. Most of the people who gave this phone a 1-star rating had issues the phone’s battery and app offerings.

Microsoft’s Review Score: Microsoft store gives the Lumia 950 3.7 stars out of 159 customer reviews. Most of the people who gave this phone a 1-star rating had issues with the phone’s battery and buggy OS.

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