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Review Score: 91%

Review Consensus: The Fujifilm X100F is a premium camera that combines classy style, great usability, and stunning image quality.

List of Top Fujifilm X100F Reviews

Fujifilm X100F Review #1Techradar100%
Fujifilm X100F Review #2PC Mag90%
Fujifilm X100F Review #3Stuff.tv100%
Fujifilm X100F Review #4Reviewed.com83%
Fujifilm X100F Review #5Camera Labs70%
Fujifilm X100F Review #6Photography Blog88%
Fujifilm X100F Review #7ePHOTOzine95%
Fujifilm X100F Review #8PC Authority100%
Fujifilm X100F Review #9Digital Photography83%
Fujifilm X100F Review #10Photo Review Australia88%
Fujifilm X100F Amazon RatingAmazon94%
Fujifilm X100F Best Buy RatingBest Buy96%
Total Review Score:91%

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Will I Regret This Purchase?

Based on our review data, there’s a 9% chance that you’ll regret buying the Fujifilm X100F and a 91% chance of satisfaction without regret.

Device Description

The Fujifilm X100F, released on February 23, 2017, is the latest and the fourth iteration of Fujifilm’s X100 series. The camera still shoots with a 23mm F2 single focal length lens, but with better 24-megapixel (APS-C) X-Trans CMOS III sensor, improved X-Processor Pro high-speed image processing engine, and higher ISO sensitivity ranging from 100 to 51,200. It has a 3-in 1040k-dot LCD monitor and a hybrid of optical and electronic viewfinders. It can record full HD (1920×1080) videos and continuously shoot at approximately 8 frames per second. It features an analog operation, focus lever, ACROS film simulation, and digital teleconverter. It is powered by NP-W126S Li-ion battery that can take 270-390 still images and can record videos for at most 1 hour and 35 mins. It comes in black and gray with prices starting at $1,299.00.


Here’s what the top reviewers on the web are saying about the Fujifilm X100F:

Review #1: “With the X100F, Fujifilm has pretty much made the perfect enthusiast compact camera. While on the face if it little appears to have changed, the X100F heralds the biggest set of improvements yet, making the X100F the camera we always wanted the X100 to be. It may be a touch pricey, but there’s nothing quite like it – it’s an exquisite camera to look at and to shoot with.” – Techradar

Review #2: “The Fujifilm X100F is everything a premium compact camera should be, capturing SLR-quality images in a form factor that slides into your jacket pocket.” – PC Mag

Review #3: “If you don’t need the flexibility of interchangeable lenses, then this stunner is the best street shooter around.” – Stuff.tv

Review #4: “The thing about the Fujifilm X100F is that no other camera quite comes close to its blend of performance, image quality, and control. Sure, it’s retro as all get out with its satisfying aperture ring and shutter speed dials, but things like the hybrid viewfinder and new AF point selection joystick give you the best of yesteryear and today. Did we mention how pretty this camera is? It’s bloody gorgeous.” – Reviewed.com

Review #5: “The X100F is a specialist camera, excelling at eye-level street photography, and will be adored by anyone who wants the X-Pro2 – and in particular its viewfinder – in a more compact form.” – Camera Labs

Review #6: “Ultimately, there’s a hell of a lot to like, if not love, about the Fujifilm X100F. It’s a beautiful camera, is great to use and produces lovely images – there are just a couple of reasons which means it stops just short of perfection. If you’re looking to save money, take a look at the still excellent X100T, or even the X100S or original X100.” – Photography Blog

Review #7: “The Fujifilm X100F offers a unique shooting experience, and the exceptional image quality to match.” – ePHOTOzine

Review #8: “The X100F gets full marks not for being the best all-round compact camera, but for being brilliant at what it does. Namely, packing the build and performance of a premium camera into something that can (almost) slip into your jacket pocket.” – PC Authority

Review #9: “The X100F’s combination of image quality, usability and styling make it the best in the series yet. It’s still a niche camera, but this latest version’s limitations stem primarily from its design, rather than its implementation. A true photographers’ camera.” – Digital Photography

Review #10: “The increased resolution and improvements to performance – particularly buffer capacity – make the X100F a worthwhile update that should appeal to fans of Fujifilm’s rangefinder cameras.” – Photo Review Australia

Amazon’s Customer Review Score: Amazon customers give the Fujifilm X100F 4.7 stars out of 32 reviews. The camera has no 1-star rating but most customers had issues with its size and handleability.

Best Buy’s Customer Review Score: Best Buy customers give the Fujifilm X100F 4.8 stars out of 11 reviews. The camera has no 1-star rating but most customers had issues with its fiddly buttons.


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