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Review Score: 70%

Review consensus: The Amazon Fire is a cheap tablet good for casual use especially if you are an Amazon Prime subscriber.

List of Top Amazon Fire Reviews

Amazon Fire Review #1Cnet60%
Amazon Fire Review #2TrustedReviews70%
Amazon Fire Review #3Expert Reviews60%
Amazon Fire Review #4TechAdvisor80%
Amazon Fire Review #5Pocket-lint80%
Amazon Fire Review #6Alphr60%
Amazon Fire Review #7MakeUseOf60%
Amazon Fire Review #8TabletPC Review62%
Amazon Fire AmazonAmazon82%
Amazon Fire Best BuyBest Buy90%
Total Review Score:70%

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Will I Regret This Purchase?

Based on our review data, there’s a 30% chance that you’ll regret buying the Amazon Fire and a 70% chance of satisfaction without regret.

Device Description

The Amazon Fire, which was previously known as Kindle Fire, is a tablet offering Amazon released in September 2015. This 7-in tablet comes in an 8 GB version with 1 GB of RAM and runs Fire OS 5, a customized Android OS. It only has a 2 MP main camera and a non-removable Li-Ion battery with prices starting at an affordable $49.99.


Here’s what the top reviewers on the web are saying about the Amazon Fire:

Review #1: “The Amazon Fire is a fine tablet for casual use, but it’s not a good tablet, it’s just good for the price.” – Cnet

Review #2: “The Amazon Fire tablet is a sturdy but unremarkable tablet, offered at a remarkable price. If your budget is tight, this is a solid buy.” – TrustedReviews

Review #3: “With such an incredibly low price, the Fire doesn’t really have any competition.” – Expert Reviews

Review #4: “It’s certainly not perfect, and the lack of Google apps will still put some people off, but the Fire is excellent value at under £50.” – TechAdvisor

Review #5: “For its price, the Amazon Fire is an amazing tablet. Yes, there are plenty of tablets out there that are much better in almost every way, including Amazon’s own Fire HD range, but the Fire is great to watch streaming video on.” – Pocket-lint

Review #6: “For £50, Amazon has delivered a pretty usable tablet for email, browsing and entertainment, particularly if you’re prepared to tie yourself into Amazon’s content ecosystem and embrace an Amazon Prime subscription.” – Alphr

Review #7: “The Amazon Fire 7 is a perfectly decent media consumption device in tablet form — ideal for videos, books, and games. It might not be the best tablet out there, but it’s fun, easy to use, and cheap.” – MakeUseOf

Review #8: “The Amazon Fire won’t win any awards, but at $50 it doesn’t have to. This is a perfectly serviceable tablet for casual use and consuming Amazon stuff.” – TabletPC Review

Amazon’s Review Score: Amazon gives the Amazon Fire 4.1 stars out of 112,244 customer reviews. Most of the people who gave this tablet a 1-star rating had issues with tablet’s performance and battery.

Best Buy’s Review Score: Best Buy gives the Amazon Fire 4.5 stars out of 10,303 customer reviews. Most of the people who gave this tablet a 1-star rating had issues with the tablet’s cheap build and slow performance.

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